Office Bearers 2017 - 18

President Elizabeth Nash

Vice Presidents Stephanie Scott and Silvana Griffin

Secretary Claire James

Treasurer Annie Muskin

Publicity Jessica Best, Jessica Whipp and Stephanie Scott

Handicraft Elizabeth O'Brien

Agriculture and Environment Anna Gregory

International Renata Dubois

Cultural Karen Jones

Cookery Lisa Maude

Membership Melanie Bourke

Privacy and Webmaster Janice Ellis and Jessica Whipp

Fundraising Strategies TBC

Rafflemaster Kitty Clarke


Other members with key positions

Silvana Griffin

Vice President, CWA Phillip Group

Branch Councillor, CWA Phillip Group

Annie Kiefer

Vice President, CWA of NSW

President, National Council of Women

Elizabeth Nash

Social Issues Committee Member, CWA of NSW

Delegate to State AGM

Branch Councillor, CWA Phillip Group