The CWA is the largest women's organisation in Australia 

The Country Women’s Association of NSW was formed in 1922 when country women were fighting isolation and a lack of health facilities.

Within the first year, the Association was a unified, resourceful group that was going from strength to strength. The members worked tirelessly to set up:

  • baby health care centres

  • fund bush nurses

  • build and staff maternity wards and hospitals

  • build schools, rest homes, seaside and mountain holiday cottages - and much more

The CWA is a long-celebrated Australian institution

Our aims are as relevant today, as when the Association was first established almost
100 years ago:

  • to bring all women and families together and form a network of support;

  • to provide a forum for the voice of all women in NSW and the ACT;

  • to improve conditions and welfare of all women and families, especially in country areas;

  • to support schemes which enhance the value of country living, especially health and educational facilities;

  • to encourage development in regional areas and to increase the viability of rural communities and the environment;

  • to provide a voice to Government at all levels; and

  • to promote international goodwill, friendship, understanding and tolerance between
    all people.

The women of the CWA have been initiators,
fighters and lobbyists

They have made localities into communities by providing social activities and educational, recreational and medical facilities. Women in NSW and ACT can join a local branch and have
a voice in the nation's affairs, socialise with others and assist the community.

We strive to improve conditions for country women and children. We reach that aim in various ways including lobbying for change, helping the local community, creating a network of
support and meeting together in towns and cities.

The Association currently has 400 branches gathered into 30 groups with around
8,000 members.

CWA of NSW is a member of the Country Women’s Association of Australia (CWAA) and the international organisation, Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW).

You can find out more about the CWA of NSW here.