As a Branch, we range in age from early 20s to 70 (give or take!).

Some members are students, many are professionally employed and yes, there are even a few golden oldies who are lucky enough to be retired too.

There is a large contingent who hail from a long CWA lineage, but there are also many women who are born and bred ‘city slickers’.

We’re grateful for the experience of those who have been members for a long time. However, we’re also a passionate and dedicated team that is always keen to try new ways of doing things.

Helping to bring a contemporary perspective to the Association, we're always encouraging new members to join our hands-on, fun (and often irreverent!) group.

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The thing that brings us together is our passion for making positive change that will make a lasting impression on the communities in our State.

Office Bearers 2018-19

President Kat Wheeler

Vice Presidents Lana Haines and Annie Muskin

Secretary Elizabeth Avery

Treasurer Jocelyn Parker

Agriculture and Environment

Cookery Lisa Maude

Cultural Kathy Evans and Georgina Evans

Fundraising Strategies Janice Ellis

Handicraft Elizabeth O'Brien


Membership Yvette Henderson

Webmaster and Privacy Officer Silvana Griffin and Jessica Whipp

Publicity and Social Media Yvette Henderson



Members with other key positions

Lana Haines and Karen Ramrakha

Branch Councillors, CWA Phillip Group