Lucinda (Lucy) Watt

It has been a very busy year for me this year. Having moved to Brisbane, completed the last of my laboratory work (and another experiment) and the writing of my thesis. I am aiming to submit in April and am very much looking forward to the end of my studies and starting the next big adventure.

Unfortunately I will be spending Australia Day at my computer writing away but Australia Day is all about the celebration of being an Australian and being grateful for the wonderful country we live in. Writing about agriculture (which has such a important role in our country) on that day seems like a pretty good compromise.

The results from my studies have been really interesting and I feel lucky to have been able to contribute to the sustainability of the industry. I'm sure there will be some farmers out there keen to see my results. I am also attending a conference in France this year to present some of my studies, which will be very rewarding.

Thank you again to CWA Sydney City for your sponsorship and I wish you all well in 2018.

Patron of the National Council of Women NSW, Mrs Lynda Hurley; CWA Sydney City Vice President, Silvana Griffin; Lucy Watt; Jessica Whipp and CWA of NSW Vice President, Annie Kiefer.

Proudly sponsored by CWA Sydney City through the National Council of Women’s Tertiary Scholarships Awards 2017